Saturday, 19 November 2011

Updated Landmarks

Two stores have moved their locations

#3 Framed Soul
can be found here


#54 Sweet Sin
can be found here

(click the 'here's for the direct SLURL's)

Happy Hunting ^^

Friday, 11 November 2011

Some hints have changed!

Remember designers can move their items and change their hints at any time! :)
Be sure to keep an eye on the hints page for updates ^.^

Hope you are all enjoying the hunt \o/

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Hunt Has started!

The {{ i Love Cupcakes }} Hunt has now started!

Goodluck to everyone, if you get lost or confused see the hints page.
Missing a LM? Be sure to check the hunt order page for clickable SLURL's to each store!

Big thankyou to all designers for being part of this hunt!

Happy Hunting!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Applications closed! Designer packs sent~

Applications for designers are now closed!
Thankyou to everyone who sent in and wanted to be part of this hunt, it was very overwhelming as there were alot of people wanting to be part of this hunt ^^

If you have been approved you should have received a folder named "{{ilovecupcakes}} hunt Designer kit ~" and received a group invite to the official hunt group with the designer tag.

If you find you have one but not the other, please let me know i'll be happy to resend either the designer pack or a group invite.

If you applied and did not receive either a group invite or a designer pack please know its nothing personal :) I had to really cut down abit as there was a crazy amount of stores!
If you were in a mall with no direct tp point (teleported in the middle with all shops surrounding the hunter) I had to disapprove as it would only frustrate hunters, sorry :(

Once again thankyou to everyone who applied.
Designers please follow the notecards given in the designer pack so we can make this a smooth running hunt ^^

Monday, 3 October 2011

i Love cupcakes HUNT! ~ 1st Nov - 1st Dec

A new SL hunt starting on the 1st of November!!

The theme of the hunt is CUPCAKES!

You can make anything from clothing, skins, shoes, hair, tattoos, household items etc!!
Use your imagination :D

To apply to be a designer please see the designer application page!